Monday, August 13, 2018

Monsters University: Complete Tsum Tsum Collection

monsters university tsum tsums

Let's hear a BIG roar because Monsters University Tsum Tsums are finally here! Released right around July 4th in the UK, these started hitting select Disney Stores in the US a couple weeks after that and finally on the US site last Monday (August 6th). Perfect timing with back to school time right around the corner! I've been hoping for MU Tsums for years, so I couldn't be more thrilled with this assortment.

The six monstrously cute characters included in this lineup are MU Mike Wazowski, MU Sulley, Randy Boggs, Art, Sherry Squibbles (Squishy's Mom) and Squishy. The details and embroidered features here with these are as adorable as ever! They're just as I always pictured they would look. I love the fabrics and materials used (especially the hair on Art), Mike's tiny MU hat (notice the corner of the brim has a little chunk out of it just like his hat in the film?), his and Sulley's MU jackets and Squishy's Oozma Kappa shirt.

These plushies are part of the Tsum Tsum "mini" collection and are the standard 3 1/3" size. Like usual, they're super soft and retail for $5.95 each.

Take a closer look at each one below!

monsters university tsum tsums mike

monsters university tsum tsums sulley

monsters university tsum tsums randy

monsters university tsum tsums art

NOTE: One year ago, I posted on the Japan exclusive Ms. Squibbles with micro Squishy Tsum set (which was released last year in celebration of Mother's Day). This new version of Squishy's mom might seem the same as that one at first glance, but they're actually quite different when you compare them side by side. This new one has rosy cheeks, a bit more of a muted pink color scheme, a larger side horn, and a totally different take on the design of her signature floral housecoat (among other differences).

monsters university tsum tsums sherry

monsters university tsum tsums squishy
monsters university tsum tsums squishy

Mike, Sulley and Art are my top three favorites here, but they're all so cute! I do wish they would have finished off the OK fraternity by adding Terry & Terri and Don though, but the set is what it is and I'm grateful for who we got. I'm just glad Art (one of my absolutely fave characters in the film) made the cut!

If you're wanting to add these to your Disney/Pixar Tsum Tsum collection, call ahead to your local Disney Store to make sure they have them in stock. The one I work at never actually got them, so you'll just want to confirm before making the drive over. You can always just pick them up online as I did (right HERE on, but the only bummer is that Mike has already sold out.

I can't recommend this set enough for all you Monsters University fans out there! Have you picked any of these up? Which one do you like best? Shout out your thoughts down below.  

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