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The Incredibles: Collectible Wooden Figures 3-Pack

disney pixar the incredibles wooden collectibles

Over the past year, I've had a blast collecting and reviewing all the Pixar inspired "wooden collectibles" sets—which first debuted at last year's D23 Expo with an exclusive Toy Story Buzz & Woody set (see full post HERE). The line continued on the ShopDisney website shortly after that and into 2018 with additional releases such as Lightning McQueen & Cruz, Carl & Russell, Mike & Sulley and Wall·E & Eve; now new sets are showing up at Knick's Knacks (the adorable new Pixar themed shop at Disney California Adventure) including this The Incredibles 3-Pack featuring Mr. Incredible, Elastigirl and Jack-Jack!

It's important to note that this "wooden collectibles" release does differ from the previous ones in a few ways. First of all, these ones here are larger in scale. When I first saw photos of them online, I figured they would match the scale of the other ShopDisney releases— but no. For example, Mr. Incredible is 7" tall and looks massive even next to the previously biggest character, which was Sulley. To put it even more into perspective, Jack-Jack is actually bigger than the original wooden Buzz Lightyear from last year. All the characters in this Incredibles set are just bulkier and heavier overall. Check out my Tweet HERE to see what I mean. 

The next big difference is the packaging. Unfortunately these ones did not come in a cool collector's window box with a sweet backdrop like all the others. Maybe they're just too big for something like that? You can see the basic black box they came in below with the $99.00 price tag (yes, they're a pretty penny for sure).

disney pixar the incredibles wooden collectibles

Once you open the box, you'll notice that at least they're nice and snug and protected in their "custom-fitted foam insulation." Thumbs up if you caught what I just referenced ;)

The last big difference is that these are not numbered and I'm not sure if they're even considered "limited edition." The others came numbered (usually LE 300 or 400) and with a certificate of authenticity—these do not. I do like how their names are printed on the underside of them though; that's a new touch (interesting how they chose "Bob" and "Helen" instead of their hero names).  

disney pixar the incredibles wooden collectibles

As far as their sizes, Mr. Incredible (as mentioned) is 7" tall, Elastigirl is 5.5" tall and Jack-Jack is 5" tall. Check them all out below in all their incredible glory! They look great. I love how they're stylized.

Once again my hat goes off to the designer, Jen Tan (Creative Director of Consumer Products at Pixar), who created the signature look of each and every one of these wooden collectibles. She did a fabulous job. In fact, you can see the entire character lineup she illustrated on her Instagram HERE. The designs have even been utilized on shirts (one from last year's D23 Expo and a couple available now only to annual pass holders during Disneyland's Pixar Fest) and Dooney and Bourke bags.

disney pixar the incredibles wooden collectibles
disney pixar the incredibles wooden collectibles

The only thing that I don't love is that the paint color of their suites is way too orange. It's hard to tell from my photos, but trust me. They're straight up orange, especially when you put them next to something actually red. It's a small complaint, but I thought I'd mention it here to see if anyone else had the same thoughts on that. Other than that, they look amazing and feel quality crafted.

Lastly, I just wanted to note that there have been other new wooden collectible sets released this summer at Knick's Knacks, but they're just new larger scale versions of characters I already have  with a few new additions. For example, there's a Buzz & Woody set (which adds Jessie), a Mike & Sulley set (which adds Boo) and apparently there's a new Carl & Russell set coming in September (which will add Dug). Bummer I won't be able to get my hands on those three new characters since they are part of $100 3-Packs.

Let me know your thoughts below! Will you pick these up for your Incredibles collection? If you're a diehard Pixar fan/adult collector, then these are definitely for you. Find them at California Adventure (Knick's Knacks) or visit this direct link to current eBay listings.

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