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Monsters Inc: Disneyland Pixar Fest 2018 Sulley Popcorn Bucket & Mike Sipper

sulley and mike popcorn bucket sipper

When this Monsters Inc. Sulley "Premium Popcorn Bucket" and Mike Wazowski "Premium Sipper" cup released at Hong Kong Disneyland early this year (around end of February), I couldn't help but hope for a US Disney Parks release. Lucky for all us here, they hit Disneyland Resort in April just in time for Pixar Fest! I want to shake the hand of the person who designed these because they are some of the cutest versions of these characters I've ever seen released as merch. Perfectly stylized—especially Sulley!  

I don't usually collect novelty popcorn bucket type things from the Disney Parks (I know they're kind of a fad right now), but I could not resist falling into the hype with these ones. As seen all over Instagram and YouTube, people were clamoring for these and waiting in super long lines to get their hands on them. They quickly became the "must haves" of Pixar Fest and I can totally understand why!

Ready for one of the coolest features? Their bases connect together. It's simple and maybe it shouldn't be so exciting to me, but I mean, come on! That's just awesome. How could you get one without the other? And honestly, I don't even care about the "popcorn bucket" and "sipper" gimmicks (I don't plan on even using them for those purposes, at least right now)...I just consider them amazing display pieces and have no doubt they'll look great on my Monsters Inc. shelf together.

sulley and mike popcorn bucket sipper

As far as size is concerned, they're pretty big. Sulley is roughly 12" tall x 8" wide (base is 10" wide) and Mike is 7" tall (about 9 1/2" if you count to the top of the straw) x 6" wide. I'm not sure if these are sold out yet (I know they did sell out at one point. but they came back), but the price for Sulley is $20 and Mike is $15.99. Not cheap I know, but totally worth it for any big Monsters Inc. fan/collector.

Let's take a closer look at each one down below!

pixar fest sulley popcorn bucket review

The next best detail is Sulley's strap, styled with the logo and doors from the film's opening title sequence! It's just perfect. 

pixar fest sulley popcorn bucket review pixar fest sulley popcorn bucket review

The popcorn bucket feature can be accessed from the back. Just pull to open the compartment and load it up with the popcorn or any other favorite treat!

pixar fest sulley popcorn bucket review

pixar fest mike sipper review
pixar fest mike sipper review

Just pop off the top of Mike's head (I know that sounds weird) to add your beverage! The straw is removable.

pixar fest mike sipper review

I wasn't lucky enough to attend Pixar Fest this summer, but I am lucky to have some amazing friends!! A huge thank you to my friend and supporter Paulina (HeartDisney on Instagram) for going through the trouble of purchasing these for me and sending them my way. I'm so happy I decided to go for them!

If you'd like to add these to your collection and aren't able to make it to the parks, be sure to check out current eBay listings HERE and hopefully you'll find them from a kind seller asking a reasonable price. Let me know what you think down below! Were you able to pick these up? I'd love to hear your experience. 

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