Sunday, August 19, 2018

Bao: Pixar Studio Store Exclusive Sticker & Note Card

pixar bao studio store exclusive

Straight from the Pixar Studio Store once again, here we have another exclusive Bao inspired sticker AND note card! Funny story—these were actually sent to me months ago (a big thanks to for the sticker and Jerrod Maruyama for the card), but they got stuck within the pages of some of the other items I was sent and I only recently discovered them! When I took out my Bit of Boundin' book to review earlier this month, that's when I found the sticker. As far as the card, it had worked its way into the inside back pouch of the Incredibles 2 journal, which I also took out recently to review! Such fun little surprises to stumble upon.

If you're a fan of the short film, you'll want to check out the other Bao stickers I was sent in my original post HERE (not to mention the wooden postcard I was gifted HERE). Which sticker is your fave? I love this one featuring a minimal illustration of the mother embracing her little dumpling. It really captures the heart and emotion of the film.

pixar bao sticker

The note card is also amazing. The adorable art is actually the same as what was featured on the short film's poster! I wish I new the artist to give them credit here, so if you know who it is, be sure to let me know and I'll update this post.

The inside of the card is completely blank and Pixar's simple, unaltered logo can be found on the back.

pixar bao notecard
pixar bao notecard

Let me know your thoughts down below!

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