Friday, August 23, 2013

Toy Story: My Original Collection

Here are my original Toy Story toys that I had growing up (check out my posts about some of my other originals as well including Bo Peep, Mr. Mike and Lenny). Here we have my original Woody, RC, Hamm, Mr. and Mrs. Potato Head, Jessie, Army Men, Etch and Rex... Plus a few additional "non-official" Toy Story items as well.

Unfortunately, my original Slinky and Buzz are the only ones who didn't make it to now...they did eventually brake and, I know it's about the most devastating thing for a toy, but they did get replaced as well.

Here you can see my name (very faded now) on the bottom of Woody's boot. I still remember writing that-I was five years old. I Made sure it was "permanent ink" to make sure Woody felt special!

Here is my original Thinkway Hamm. It's much too small compared to the character in the film, but it's super classic nonetheless. So many memories!

Original talking Thinkway Rex:

This original RC was too small and had a wire attached to the remote to it could only drive like five feet, ha! I was so happy for the Toy Story Collection version. Also, as seen below, I still have all the green army men in that 1995 Buck O Soldiers!

Original 1995 official Toy Story Mr. Potato Head, 1995 Thinkway Woody and 1999 Thinkway Jessie:

In addition, here are some of my originals that were not official Toy Story products but that I got because they were in the movie! Little Tikes, Magic 8 Ball, Barrel of Monkeys and Troll...yes I know Troll is naked and that's how he's always been! Below is great design found on PixarPlanet's Toy Story Replicas forum so I plan to print it out on fabric to finally make her movie accurate.

I also have a few other things that aren't official Toy Story products but are featured in Andy's room—like Lincoln Logs for example. Anyway, thanks for checking out this post and stay tuned every day for a new update with an item from my Pixar collection! 

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