Monday, March 1, 2021

Cars: Lightning McQueen as Easter Buggy

Straight from the 2012 Disney·Pixar Cars expanded universe book, Mater and the Eater Buggy, here we have the brand new 1:55 scale diecast of Lightning McQueen as Easter Buggy from Mattel! This one just hit shelves recently as part of the 2021 singles Case D and is the first ever release of this character.

Back in early 2017, Mattel released four festive diecasts in specialty Easter packaging based on this Cars inspired Easter themed children's book: Easter Mater, Easter Lightning McQueen, Easter Ramone and the Easter Buggy himself! You can read my two-part review HERE and HERE. I always thought an Easter Buggy Lightning McQueen should have been made as well, so I'm glad that wish has finally come true! Apparently this was suppose to be released back in 2017, but was cancelled.

You can find this diecast at Target and Walmart right now, just in time for Easter! Not to state the obvious, but this would make the perfect Easter basket gift. And good news for those who missed the Easter Buggy back when he was first released—he's back as a 2021 single in this case as well (seen HERE)! If you'd rather just pick up either of them online, visit this direct link to current eBay listings or any of the Amazon affiliate links down below. 

What are your thoughts?! 

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