Thursday, March 25, 2021

Pixar Soul McDonald's Happy Meal Toys

In mid-December just this past year, McDonald's released six Pixar Soul inspired Happy Meal toys to promote the film! I don't believe this set got very much attention when it was available, so I'm excited to share more details on it today in case you missed it. This is essentially a continuation of McDonald's "25 years of Pixar" assortment that was released last summer, as they're the same plush/bag clip style toy—in fact, Joe Gardner is the same exact toy (a straight up repack) as the one that came out last summer. Since I already had Joe, I didn't re-buy him here.

This collection includes: Newb (#1), Mr. Mittens (#2), 22 (#3), Joe Gardner (#4), Terry (#5) and Moonwind (#6). If you didn't know, just a general FYI, you can actually buy the toys on their own without a Happy Meal for $1.60 each. I didn't go on the hunt this time though and ended up just buying them on eBay for a really good price (I think I ended up paying only around $10 for the five I needed; it was worth it so I didn't have to drive around to countless McDonalds every week).

Just like last year, some of the characters have plastic bag clips (Newb, 22 and Terry) and some have a double sided feature without a clip (Joe, Moonwind and Mr. Mittens—one side is their living form and the other is their soul form; reverse sides below). I love the shiny and sparkly iridescent fabric on all the soul characters! They have both printed and embroidered features and measure about 4"-5.5" tall.

And here's the back sides of the bag clip characters. Again, love the colors.

While I don't think these would appeal much to very young kids (not much play value), elementary school kids and older (including adult fans) will enjoy displaying them and/or clipping them to their school and vacation backpacks (or really anything; handbags, luggage, car's rear view mirror, etc...). Overall I think they're really cute and really dig the designs! If you're a Soul fan, these might be right up your alley since there isn't too much merch out there.

What are your thoughts? Did you collect the whole set as well? Or maybe just a few of your favorites? I'd love to know about your experience with these! Shout it out in the comment section below and be sure to stay tuned for more from my Pixar collection right here soon.

REMINDERSoul is also now on Blu-Ray/DVD/4K and Digital! I won't be doing a full review this time, but I definitely wanted to let you know it's available to purchase (as of this past Tuesday, the 23rd) and document it here as part of my collection.

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