Friday, March 5, 2021

Toy Story Pizza Planet Minis Mania Playset (by Mattel)

Released last year as part of Mattel's Toy Story Minis collection and in celebration of the film's 25th anniversary, here we have the Pizza Planet Minis Mania Playset/Carry Case! If you've been following my content for some time now, you know that I'm a big fan and avid collector of Mattel's Pixar/Toy Story "Minis"—so of course I needed to pick this one up. Not only for the playset, which is super fun, but also for the exclusive and unique alien mini! What can I say, I'm a completest.

This playset is loosely inspired by the iconic Pizza Planet crane game seen in the the original Toy Story. Play is simple! Slide open the top hatch, drop some minis into the rocket (up to 2 minis per slot) and close up the hatch. Pull down the lever and watch them spin! Press the gold button on the front of the case and it will drop down and dispense your prize (or "double prizes" ;). Pull out the little drawer to store a couple mini figures/accessories or whatever other tiny items you'd like.

The playset is entirely plastic and measures about 11.5" tall x 9.5" wide. Retail price is $19.77. This was never released in stores, but it can be found online on Walmart's site HERE and Amazon (direct link below).

Check it out unboxed below!

The exclusive alien mini is very similar to the alien found in last year's blind bags (Andy's Toy Box Series, seen HERE), but it is in fact unique to this set. This one is also mostly translucent and has a neat iridescent paint job with glitter.

If you or your little one collects the Toy Story Minis, this is a fun addition to the line and something I can totally recommend. It's simple, fun, works as it should and adds some needed play value to the mini figures. Great for play and/or display. Check out my brief video below to see it in action! 
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