Saturday, March 20, 2021

PIXAR All-Star Rivals Minis (from Mattel)—with BLIND BAG CODES!

Just a few days ago, I was checking the Pixar section at Target like I always do (not really expecting to find anything new) and, well, I found something new! Not only something new, but something I had no idea was coming (which doesn't happen very often)—this brand new Pixar "All-Star Rivals" blind bag series as part of Mattel's ongoing collection of "Minis"! Just when I thought this line was coming to a close, we get this. So will it be continuing on? Will we finally get the final Toy Story and Pixar Minis shown at the 2020 Toy Fair last year that never got released? Time will tell, but right now I'm thrilled we even got these. You know I love the Minis!

This series is made up of 12 characters spanning several different Pixar films—Toy Story, Toy Story 2, Toy Story 4, A Bug's Life, Monsters Inc. and Finding Nemo. Some characters are completely new, some are repacked from previous Minis series and some are retooled variants. 

Here's the breakdown:
  • Sulley (repack from Pixar Series 1)
  • Randall (retool of Randall from Pixar Series 2—he now has "invisible"/clear legs and tail; same overall sculpt as original)
  • Laser Firing Buzz Lightyear (retool—same sculpt as the Laser Firing Buzz which has been released numerous times, but now has an updated face with both eyes open instead of him winking)
  • Scud (NEW)
  • Bo Peep (repack from Toy Story 4 Kroger Series; it's subtly different from the Toy Story 4 Series 1 Bo)
  • Benson with mouth open (repack from Toy Story 4 Series 2)
  • Quick Draw Woody (retool—same sculpt as the Quick Draw Woody from Toy Story Series 5, now with an updated face) 
  • Stinky Pete (repack from the 2020 Al's Toy Barn Toy Story 2 Series; I haven't found that series yet though, so I got him here)
  • Flik (NEW—was supposed to be in Pixar Series 3, but that hasn't happened yet)
  • Hopper (NEW)
  • Stern Expression Nemo (NEW)
  • Darla (NEW)
Below is what the CDU (counter display unit) looks like. Fun design with the Pixar skee-balls! Of course the "rivals" aspect is that they've paired select Pixar heroes with their antagonists (I should clarify that there is only one mini per blind bag; $3.49 each). On the packaging and CDU, Randall and Scud are highlighted as "Top Prizes". Does that mean they're harder to find? From what I remember, I think there was only one each of those in the full case I found—so yah, I believe they're the rarest of the characters here. 

And now what everyone is here for—the blind bag codes! Here you go, so you don't have to stand in the Target isle for 30 minutes deciphering each one like I did (I've circled where to find the code in my photo above):
A- Sulley
B- Flik
C- Woody
D- Buzz Lightyear
E- Stinky Pete
F- Scud 
G- Benson
H- Nemo
I- Randall
J- Darla
K- Hopper
L- Bo Peep

Now let's take a close-up look at each character! I only picked up the Minis I didn't have of course. I didn't need Sulley, Bo Peep or open-mouth Benson (since I purchased their original releases and reviewed them), but that may be different for you if you missed any of those previously. Who's your favorite here??









Well that just about covers it. So what do you think!? Were you able to find these at Target as well and were you just as surprised as I was? What other characters do you hope get made in future Pixar Minis series? Let me know all your thoughts and any questions you might have in the comments below!

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