Thursday, March 18, 2021

Toy Story 2: Stinky Pete & Woody 7" Action Figure "Classic Pack" (by Mattel)

"Oh, we've waited countless years for this day!”

Ever since Stinky Pete The Prospector was introduced in Toy Story 2, countless fans everywhere (myself included) have been hoping and waiting for a full-scale replica release of the character. Woody, Jessie and Bullseye have all been made at this point, so why not Stinky Pete to complete the Roundup Gang? Well, almost 22 years later and we still don't have one. That's the bad news. The good news is at the very least he's now a part of Mattel's ongoing and award winning 7" scale Toy Story action figure collection—and man does he look absolutely incredible! This is the first of many new Toy Story 7" scale figures scheduled to be released in 2021 (others include Stretch, Rocky, Spanish Buzz & Jessie, Combat Carl, Evil Dr. Porkchop and more). 

Note for collectors: As I've mentioned before (like in THIS post), I'm fully aware of the "Young Epoch Stinky Pete" from Japan that was released in 2001 (which sells for thousands of dollars on eBay). When I say "they haven't made a full-scale replica of Stinky Pete", from my perspective, I mean a wide [dare I say "official"] release of the character—an accessible version for fans here in the U.S. (from Thinkway Toys, Disney Store/Parks, or the like). That is something that has never been made.

From the figure's near-perfect sculpt, to the amazing movie-inspired packaging (plus the general scarceness of Stinky Pete merch out there), this has got to be my favorite 7" figure Mattel has done. When I first saw this revealed, I'm pretty sure I let out an audible gasp. 

Stinky Pete here also comes with Woody, but I won't be focusing on him in this post since it's the same exact 7" Woody that has been released many, many times since the line was introduced in 2019. I do wish a new/unique Woody was included here (like one with a ripped arm and different expression?), but that's just the way of things. I'm not convinced a Woody needed to be included either way as I think The Prospector would have sold just fine on his own, but that would have at least been a little better. 

Stinky Pete's side of the packaging—his box—is attached to Woody's side (it's all one piece), but I've seen it can be removed pretty easily with a razor blade if you just want to display The Prospector in his box on his own. As you can tell, it's not exactly the same as his box seen in Toy Story 2, but it's pretty close. Overall, the striking packaging design is definitely one of the coolest aspects of this set! Kudos to the team involved. I feel like they really had us fans in mind and put a lot of thought into it.

Speaking of the packaging, I'm certainly keeping it! There's no way I could throw this out. I did take Stinky Pete out for some loose photos (I know, I know...), but I was able to carefully put him back in with very minimal damage to the cardback. 

Here he is out of his box! Yup, now I can't say "he's mint in the box, never been opened." What a fantastic figure; the sculpt/likeness, the paint application, the articulation—this is Mattel at the top of their game. The pick is obviously removable, but his hat isn't. This figure is a HUGE improvement on the last Stinky Pete figure Mattel did back in 1999 as seen in my post HERE.
What do you think!?

Now as far as the release, it's been odd. Over the last couple months, this set has been released sporadically on Amazon—seemingly only listing a few at a time as a pre-sale saying that it would be in-stock at some future date; then it would ship much sooner than the posted date. It happened to me that way and so many other collector friends of mine. It literally goes in and out of stock several times a week. One second it'll be there and then the next second it's gone. It's super weird! It's never been straight up "in stock". Right now it's "currently unavailable" once again, but keep checking my direct link below daily (even several times a day). Retail price is $19.99. 

Note: I've also heard reports that this is showing up in Walmart stores, so be sure to check there as well. I'm not sure about Target, but I'll update this post if I hear anything.

Can't wait to hear your thoughts and/or any questions you might have for me down in the comments. Are you as happy about this release as I am? Who would you like to see made next in this line? 

Happy hunting!

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