Thursday, February 20, 2020

Mattel Pixar Collection—7" Scale Posable Action Figures!

mattel pixar action figures

Following the success of last year's 7" scale Toy Story 4 action figure collection, Mattel has just released an incredible new range of posable figures based on characters from classic Pixar films under their new "PIXAR" banner! These are in the same make, size, style and quality (and feature the same open-blister packaging) as the Toy Story 4 figures from last year that I love so much, so it's amazing to see the line continue here beyond the Toy Story films. This range extends to Onward as well and also to Soul in the upcoming months! You can read all about Mattel's new Global Licensing Agreement with Disney for Pixar Animation Studios announced last year HERE.

I was so thrilled to find these on shelves at Walmart early last month. They totally took my surprise as I had no idea they were coming! Usually I know to look out for upcoming releases like this, but somehow these figures stayed under the radar until I stumbled upon them (seemingly early before anyone else). So far the assortment includes Mike Wazowski with Boo, Sulley, Wall·E with Eve and Mr. Incredible! It was so nostalgic for me to see these characters in-store again after so many years. I haven't seen Monsters Inc. toys at the store (not counting Disney Stores/Parks) since 2001/2002!

Take a closer look at each figure below! Sulley is the biggest at 8" tall (wait till you see him in person), Mr. Incredible is about 7.5" tall, Wall·E & Eve are about 4" tall (I really like how Eve includes a stand) and Mike & Boo are about 4" tall as well. Retail price for each figure is only $9.84—which is fantastic considering the size and quality of them! 

mattel pixar action figures mike wazowski boo

Boo's monster costume hood can be opened up! Mike's eye can also move. All of these figures feature some really nice articulation. The character likenesses/sculpts are 10/10!

mattel pixar action figures mike wazowski boo
mattel pixar action figures mike wazowski boo

mattel pixar action figures monsters inc sulley
mattel pixar action figures monsters inc sulley

mattel pixar action figures wall-e
mattel pixar action figures wall-e

mattel pixar action figures mr. incredible

The Mattel team did an absolutely incredible job with these figures; I cannot say enough good things about them. They look SO good and strike that perfect balance of being appealing to both kids and adult collectors. They're great for play or display!

You can find this collection right now at your nearest Walmart. Hurry while they're still around! I believe there will be more characters introduced later this year, so be sure to follow me on all my social channels to stay updated. Who's your favorite? What other Pixar characters would you like to see made?? Shout out your thoughts down below and any questions you might have.

Happy collecting! 

UPDATE: Mr. Incredible has now also been released in a The Incredibles 2-Pack with an exclusive Syndrome and Mike, Sulley & Boo have been released in a Monsters Inc. 4-Pack with exclusive Randall

UPDATE 2: Check out my review of Wave 2 HERE featuring Elastigirl & Jack-Jack, Miguel & Dante, Merida and Dash with Monster & Goo Jack-Jack.

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