Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Cars 2: Quick Changers Oil Rig Playset

Ever since I can remember, I've enjoyed collecting playsets to use along with my action figures/toys to re-create key scenes from the movies I love. As a kid, I always had fun using them as display pieces as well; plus the fun action and play features that come along with them were always a plus. Well, since then, not much has changed. These days I still continue to collect fun playsets that go along with my different collections—in this case, Cars 2! Here we have the Mattel Cars 2 Quick Changers Oil Rig playset that comes directly from the opening of the movie! 

It's big, fun, comes with a "Quick Changer" Finn McMissile car and has lots of different areas of play. I enjoyed putting it together to show here on this blog.
Here are front and back pics of the box/packaging and then the assembled playset:

The Mattel "Quick Changers" collection of cars from Cars 2 is a series of plastic 1:55 scale characters that change in some way (whether it's "crash damage" or a weapon coming out, etc...) when you press the back of the car. Here's an example of a Quick Changer car with the exclusive Finn that comes with this playset and some of the action that takes place as Finn goes down the getaway ramp:

 You can have Finn scale up the side of the rig just like in the movie!

Here is the "crush and dump" play feature. As the quick changer car goes down this ramp and hits the barrier, you then press a button that "quick changes" or "crushes" the car, then you pull the lever to "dump" the character into the ocean!

There are other fun features that work best with other diecasts and quick changers (including a rotating pad with a missile launcher for the bad guys), but these are the basics on how the playset works! Fun stuff.

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