Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Toy Story: On Ice and Burger King Lenny

Today we have two versions of Lenny from the Toy Story films! Lenny has never been released in the official Toy Story line, so in getting the character, you basically have these two main "round about" options. 

The first is the Toy Story on Ice Lenny. He's a bit larger than in the movie, but is still to pretty good scale and he actually works as binoculars (though he is not a windup toy and does not walk). He's apparently extremely rare and rarely appears on eBay (and when he does he an sell for well over $100). I don't know why he's so hard to find though! I just went to Disney On Ice near me a few months back and they had a TON there. That's where I got him and he was about $10.
The second one out there is actually just a Burger King kids meal toy from 1996. He's great though! He's not very hard to find and sells for about $15 or less on eBay. I got this very one in a kids meal back when they were selling at BK in '96. I remember I was hoping I would get him as the prize that day so I could get a Lenny in my collection! And it just so happened that I did.

He's a little small compared to the movie (so I think a perfectly scaled Lenny would be somewhere in between these two) but is a good representation of him. He winds up, walks like he does in the movie and his eyes bounce while he moves (video example below-sorry that it goes sideways). He does not work as real binoculars like the "On Ice" one does. 

The bottom line is that they are both good for different reasons. They both have their pros and cons. If you can, try to pick up one of each if you can't decide!

UPDATE: In addition to the two I have here, there was a Lenny that was released in the Toy Story and Beyond collection (seen here) that I don't own. His size is between the "On Ice" and the "Burger King" versions. A picture comparison of all three can be seen here on the Pixar Planet Forums.


  1. Theres also the toy story and beyond lenny. Its size is between these two but it has no real functionality.

  2. You're so right! I had forgotten about that one. I remember seeing him on Pixar Planet forums and yah he's hard to find as well. Do you have all 3 Lennys?Which one do you prefer?