Monday, July 15, 2013

Monsters University: Vinylmation

This weekend I got to go to the Disney Store in Salt Lake City, UT to get my first two Monsters University Vinylmations! My wife and I both picked a blind box and went right outside to open them. Not even thinking about/expecting it, I got the Terry & Terri chaser! I was super excited as I've never picked a chaser before or have never gotten one online because of the high prices. Anyway, I opened the next one and it was another great character to start off with...Sulley! It was a good day for a Pixar Vinylmation fan.

UPDATE 8/28/13-
Since my initial post, I've had a chance to get two more! George Sanderson here was ordered by my mom from the Disney Store as a surprise waiting for me when I got home to visit this past month. So great!

 Then I got to go to the actual Disney Store with one of my Nephews, Taylor, and one of my nieces, Melia. This time I pulled Art! Exactly who I wanted. Four down eight to go as of now.

UPDATE: 9/08/13-
Got Johnny Worthington in the mail yesterday! Five down seven more to go!

UPDATE: 9/09/13-
Got Carrie Williams today! No repeats which is amazing...half way done with the collection with six down and six to go!

UPDATE: 9/13/13-
Squishy's Mom has been added to my collection! Five more to go!

UPDATE  9/27/13-
Got three more in the mail today from my mom as a back to school present from eBay! Mike, Don and Squishy! Two more to go to finally complete the collection!

UPDATE 9/30/13-
Got Archie today! Just one more to go!

UPDATE 10 /10/13-
And I finally got the very last one I needed to complete this collection today...Randy!

 Here they are all together, almost exactly three months since my first ones...Looks awesome!


  1. Wow, nice pull with the chaser!! We bought two of them as well and got Johnny Worthington and Randall. - T.J.

  2. Thanks T.J.! Yah I was super pumped. It's funny cause since I wasn't expecting it, I didn't think about which one I picked out and what one she picked out. We just put them both in the bag after we'll never know who had the lucky pick : ) You guys had some great finds too! Love the Randall design with the glasses. Keep me posted with your good finds!