Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Cars 2: Stunt Ramp Getaway Track Set

 Here is the Cars 2 "Stunt Ramp Getaway" track set from Mattel! There are five other track sets total (Tokyo Spinout, Cliffside Challenge, Spy Jet Escape, Barrel Blowout and Big Bentley Breakout) and they all connect to create a fun chain reaction! Once I post about each set, I will do a final post with all of them together. 

 This set comes with two cars (plastic, not diecast but this set is meant to also use with the diecast collection): Rod Torque Redline and Acer. 

 Acer is more of an accessory though. He's hollow and is used mainly for launching off the platform as Rod jumps through. 

 And here is the assembled track (just take about five mins) and a brief video showing it in action! 

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