Monday, July 22, 2013

Cars 2: Victor Paveone

Here is Victor Paveone from the new 2013 series of cars in the "Palace Chaos" category (found in the newest case H). Victor is seen at the World Grand Prix race in London in the main stand near the Queen (screen shot above):
Fun Fact: He is named after Pixar animator Victor Navone!


  1. Was this one at your local store? I haven't been able to find this one yet! - T.J.

  2. Yah so I was on a trip to Utah and of course had to stop ay every Walmart, Kmart, Toys r Us and Target I know how it is : ) At one Walmart I found Victor and at another I found Snot Rod with flames and Donna Pits. They were pretty random! I haven't even seen case G yet (miles with hood, etc..) at my local one but it shouldn't be too long before they show up there. They always do eventually...keep me posted on your findings!