Friday, August 29, 2014

Monsters Inc: Imaginext CDA Copter

A couple of days ago, I posted info on the MU University Row play set and figure packs from Fisher-Price's Imaginext line of toys. For today's post, I wanted to continue reviewing the Imaginext Monsters University/Inc. line with this Child Detection Agency (CDA) Copter that I recently added to my collection!

Although the package sports the Monsters University logo, It was actually only featured in the original Monsters Inc. film (screen shot of one of the brief moments above).

Per usual with Imaginext, this is a sturdy, well made, plastic toy and is meant for young kids that are approximately 3-8 years in age. As far as the price, it retails for about $18.99.

This copter comes with one CDA agent figure and also has a couple of play features such as an opening cockpit and a pop-out claw to grab up "contaminated monsters" or "human children" (which is released by the pull of a trigger on the handle). The propellers also spin, but you have to make that happen yourself by pushing them along.

This is a fun toy for children to play with as they can re-create some of the most exciting moments in the film with their own imaginations. For me, I love it for its iconic look/design. I'll be excited to display it with the rest of my Monsters Inc. merch until the time comes to pass it down to one of my future kids.

If you're interested in grabbing it for yourself or your little Monsters Inc. fan, you can buy it on Amazon or eBay using the link below:
Monsters University: Imaginext CDA Copter

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