Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Toy Story: Vinylmation Series 1

Here is my collection of the Toy Story Series 1 (assuming/hoping there will be more) Vinylmation! This was the very first series I started collecting a few years back and what got me hooked on Vinylmation in general. It was November 2011 and I was on a family vacation to Disney World. As I walked around the parks, I kept seeing this thing called "Vinylmation" and hearing all this hype about it. Had no idea what it was yet. As soon as I saw the Toy Story ones though, I knew I had to start collecting.

I learned more about how the blind boxes worked and about the mystery box trading posts throughout the parks. One night at Epcot, I was with my mom and she encouraged me to just go for it to see who I got. I think my very first one was Lotso. Anyway, I was hooked at that point and she told me she would buy me another one cause she was super into it as well. After that, I had a blast going from park to park trying to track down each one without getting repeats for the rest of the trip. I ended up getting 9 out of 12 which was not bad! I got one repeat out of that bunch and was able to trade it for Wheezy at one of the trading boxes in Epcot (pic of that moment and others below).
Here are some of the pictures from that trip documenting me at the mystery box trying tracking more down: 

That was the day I was lucky and was able to trade for Wheezy! 

 Was anyone ever lucky enough to pull the Toy Story chaser from a blind box? Let's here your victory stories! 

UPDATE 12/31/13-

 Happy New Years Eve everyone! I hope you all have a fun, safe holiday and an amazing year in 2014! 

  Today I woke up to a New Year's present from my Brita (Thank you love!) and I was SO excited to finally get the Toy Story Series one Vinylmation Chaser-Evil Dr. Porkchop! I have been wanting to get this for years but the price just always went way too high for me on eBay and I was never lucky enough to pull it from a blind box.

A huge thanks to blog reader Zach who let me know that there was a steal of a deal on eBay a few weeks ago ("buy it now") and needless to say I snatched that up as quick as I could. Zach has been a fantastic help informing me of great deals online and collectibles that I should be looking out for. Thanks man!

This Chaser is by artist Thomas Scott and comes with a collectible card that features an illustration of his design for this Vinylmation.

 Love it!! Series now complete.


  1. I pulled the chaser on my second try! My first was buttercup. I really only wanted woody and buzz at the time so i gave up, but have now bought the entire set, plus chuckles, the buzz lightyear ride, and plan to evenually buy all the TS Vinylmations

  2. That's awesome!! Lucky guy. The only time I pulled the chaser was when I pulled Terry and Terri MU vinylmation chaser my first try. I just ordered 3 of the Pixar series 2 vinylmation and hope to get the chaser witch from Brave! Yah I like the Buzz Lightyear Space Ranger Spin ride vinylmation but never got one. You inspired me to try to tack it down soon! Yah there are also the "Crayon drawings" style ones (Jessie, Woody, Buzz, and Alien) and the Woody and Buzz "Block Series" ones as well. Did you see that Toy Story Series 2 is being released next Spring?

    So far that Mrs. Nesbit Buzz is the only one confirmed. Can't wait to see who ithe rest are in that series! Thanks for the comment Zach!

  3. Oh I just saw your update! Congrats :D I just have to find Woody and Buttercup and I'll be done! Woody is more important to me but hes hard to find for a decent price!

  4. Good luck on the hunt! I'll let you know if I see anything :) glad you saw the update and thanks again!