Thursday, July 3, 2014

Toy Story: Rex Hot Topic Tee

 Following the Finding Nemo and WALL-E tees, today's post is yet another new Pixar themed t-shirt sold exclusively at Hot Topic stores! Here we have the very cool Toy Story/Jurassic Park crossover tee, featuring Rex. This is yet another quality made, comfortable, fitted tee from Hot Topic's Pixar line and I am continually impressed with their designs.

What's especially cool about this tee is that is has a strong resemblance to a Pixar Studios exclusive t-shirt that was given to the Toy Story 3 technical crew back in 2008. They're not exactly the same, but both have a very similar Toy Story Rex and Jurassic Park parody crossover as the shirt's main graphic. You can view the official Pixar technical crew tee HERE (thanks to

If you're interested in getting this fun tee, don't hold off too much longer! The Disney/Pixar Hot Topic tees tend to come and go fairly quickly, so be sure to get it before it's sold out (in fact, it's already sold out in sizes L & XL). You can purchase this online right HERE.

This is a really fun new addition to my Pixar shirts collection and I'm really happy I went for it. A huge thanks to my wife who got this for me for our recent wedding anniversary!
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