Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Monsters University: Disney Store Scare Cards

Since last year, there has only been a few ways to get your hands on "Scare Cards" from Monsters University:
  • "Projectionist Scare Cards" (given only to movie theater projectionists when the film was released; see my full write-up about them HERE and learn everything you need to know about all the scare cards that have been released in that post)
  •  "Disney Parks Scare Cards" (given out only at Disney Parks during the brief "Monstrous Summer 24 Hour Event", May 2013)
  • "Scaring All-Stars Coloring Book Scare Cards" (were included in a recently released Monsters University coloring book as "tear outs"; see my full write up about those HERE)
  •  These "Disney Store Scare Cards" (handed out only at Disney Stores to promote the release of the Blu-Ray, late Summer / Fall 2013)
These Disney Store Scare Cards were given out for a very limited time to young kids who, from what I understand, completed a certain Monsters University clinic/workshop activity there at the store. The cards came in packs of five (six if you included the top promotional card). Each pack included the same cards: Squishy Squibbles, Art, Mike Wazowski & James P. Sullivan: "Rookies of the Year", Terri & Terry and Don Carlton.

They are similar to the "Projectionist Scare Cards", but include the movie accurate "Monsters Inc." banner in the top right corner (instead of the film's title) as well as the proper stats on the back (instead of projectionist instructions). 

This is a very rare and sought after set of cards and I'm incredibly grateful to blog reader Randy Allen who sent these over to me as a surprise! A HUGE thanks to him for his thoughtfulness, generosity and for being a faithful reader here.

If you're looking to track down these for your collection, be sure to check eBay (using the link below) periodically as they do show up once in a while:
Monsters University: Disney Store Scare Cards

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