Monday, March 2, 2015

Cars 2: The Popemobile

Following yesterday's post on Pope Pinion IV, here we have his transport called The Popemobile! What's cool about this vehicle is that The Pope can actually fit right inside, just as in the film. Included in this package is a cardboard cut out of The Pope to demonstrate this feature.

As usual, The Popemobile is a 1:55 scale Mattel diecast is #9 of the original 2011 Cars 2 "Deluxe" oversized assortment.

In the movie, The Popemobile is briefly seen in Italy at the Porto Corsa World Grand Prix race transporting "Pope Pinion IV". In real life, Popemobiles (an informal name for the specially designed motor vehicles used by the Catholic Pope during outdoor public appearances) look very similar to the one here and often have bulletproof glass for security purposes.

You can find Pope Pinion IV on Amazon or eBay if you're still looking to add this one to your collection. Best of luck on the hunt!

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