Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Toy Story: Rock-a-Stack

The Rock-a-Stack toy was introduced to the world by Fisher-Price in 1960 and is still sold today as now a classic, timeless, learning toy for young children. Though countless versions have been released over the years, the same idea of stacking colored rings in order of size onto a pole has stayed the same.

In Toy Story, like for example the See 'N' Say and the Barrel of Monkeys, the Rock-a-Stack makes several appearances in Andy's room as another classic toy that has stood the test of time. It would make sense that this is actually his sister Molly's toy though, since it's seen near her crib and would be too simple for Andy to play with.

I'm not sure which year/version is seen in the film (there are no dates on the toy itself), but I was happy to finally find the most screen accurate one out there (probably from the late 80's) on eBay recently- after months of waiting for one to come up.

Most Rock-a-Stacks have the blue ring as the biggest on the bottom and goes up to red from there; but if you're looking to get the one seen in Toy Story, you need to make sure the red ring is the biggest on the bottom, with the smallest ring, blue, on the top.

If you're looking to track this one down for your Toy Story collection, be sure to check eBay regularly by searching "vintage rock-a-stack." It also helps to follow the search, as eBay will then inform you when new items are listed under it.

Good luck on the hunt and please let me know if you have any additional comments, questions or insights!

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