Sunday, March 8, 2015

Cars: Determined Lightning Mcqueen

Today we have the brand new Mattel 1:55 scale Cars release of "Determined" Lightning Mcqueen! This version of Mcqueen has never before been released and is an all-new, all-diecast unibody sculpt. He is #13/18 of the 2015 "Piston Cup" sub-series.

The only real difference with this release is Lightning's "determined", or aggressive, facial expression (as seen in the moment above and many other times throughout the film). There was a similar release called "Aggressive Lightning Mcqueen" that came out years ago in a Dinoco Showgirls Gift Pack (seen HERE), but the mouth is slightly different.

Look for him in stores now. I found this one at my local Walmart just a few days ago, so if you're still looking for him as well, you might want to go check your local store for availability. If it's easier for you to just snag it online, visit Amazon or eBay using this link: Cars- Determined Lightning Mcqueen

Best of luck on the hunt!

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