Saturday, March 21, 2015

Cars: Cozy Cone Spiral Rampway (Story Sets)

Mattel has finally released a Disney·Pixar Cars Cozy Cone playset! I've been waiting a long time for this. While this isn't perfectly to scale with exact film accurate details, it's a really fun set that comes close enough for me. It will still go great with the rest of my 2006 Mattel / 2012 Disney Parks Radiator Springs playsets. Too bad they didn't make a Cozy Cone playset specifically to be added to those, but this will do (and is probably the best we'll get from Mattel). There was a very small Cozy Cone Motel released in THIS playset a little while back, but that one was way too off scale more me to purchase- this one here is much, much better. 

This Cozy Cone Spiral Rampway is part of Mattel's new 1:55 scale "Story Sets" series, which is a line of connectible playsets and launchers to re-create key scenes from the film. It's really a fun lineup!

This playset comes with one 1:55 scale plastic Lightning Mcqueen and has a variety of features. It retails for $14.99, which I thought was a great price.

Here's everything out of the box. It took just under 10 minutes to put it together, plus adding the decals.

And here we have it all assembled!

First of all, you can lift up part of the road around the cone and attach to a hook on the side to create to spiral ramp. Of course there isn't anything like this in the movie, but it does actually make a pretty fun play feature.

There is also a steep ramp on the backside of the cone- this actually gives the car a good amount of speed.

Cars can hang out in the Motel check-in garage...

Or use the backside of it as a launching ramp! This is where other "Story Sets" launchers (sold separately) will come in handy.

There we have it. Really fun stuff! I'm excited to share with you the other Story Sets as well, so if you like this one, look for those right here soon!

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