Sunday, March 22, 2015

Events: Disney On Ice (Worlds of Fantasy)

My Pixar collection is not only made up of tangible merchandise such as toys, clothes, collectibles, etc., but I also consider my Pixar related memories such as themed birthday parties, Disney vacations, and other events to be a valuable part of my collection as well. It has been fun for me to look back and document some of these memories here, since many of them happened before I created this blog (See my previously posted Pixar "Events" HERE). One magical event I was thinking of recently was the time my family and I saw Disney On Ice: Worlds of Fantasy ...

On January 4th, 2013, we headed out for a night of Disney·Pixar magic and fun at the Webster Bank Arena near our home in Stratford, CT. Any time Disney On Ice comes to town, its always been a tradition to go, ever since I saw the original Toy Story on Ice with my dad back in 1996.

I was really excited for this one, since it's not as common to have Pixar represented on ice- and this one had both Toy Story 3 and Cars in the mix, both of which I had never seen! Plus, there was the exclusive merchandise I was also excited for. The coolest thing I bought there was the rare and sought after Disney On Ice Lenny the binoculars (seen HERE). I had no idea it would be there, so that was an amazing find!

Anyway, here's a little about the show (focusing on just the Pixar segments)...


The Cars portion was probably the shortest, with Mater, Lightning Mcqueen, Sally, Ramone and Flo coming out for just a few minutes on the ice. No story was told here, mostly just driving around (with a little bit of dialogue/chitter-chatter between the characters) to a song that was playing. It was pretty cool though seeing them all out there though since I love these characters!

 Toy Story 3 
Toy Story 3 was the longest segment during the show, taking up probably a full 30 minutes going through the main scenes of the entire film. The show ended with this one and the classic Disney characters joined the Toy Story cast for the finale. Yah, admittedly it was a bit cheesy at times (the show's main target is young kids after all), but overall it was a really fun time! And of course the ice skaters were very impressive to watch as always- especially Barbie and Ken's bit.

This show is still running, so if you have a chance to take your kids to it if it comes to a town near you, I'd recommend it! The kids will absolutely love it and you'll have a great time as well.

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