Saturday, March 7, 2015

Cars: Bert

A brand new Disney·Pixar (re)release from Mattel, here we have Bert the photographer from the original Cars! This is a 1:55 scale diecast (with plastic camera accessory) and is #7/8 of the 2015 "Lost and Found" sub-series. He was originally available in the "Final Lap" series a few years back and in a "lenticular eyes" 3-pack at one point as well.

In the film, as shown in the screen shot above, Bert was one of the members a the press (a photographer) that showed up when Mcqueen was finally found in Radiator Springs.

I'm really happy he has hit shelves once again-I have been waiting to add this one to my collection for quite some time.

Look for Bert in stores now. I found this one at my local Walmart, so if you're still looking for him as well, you might want to go check your local store for availability. Best of luck on the hunt!

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