Friday, February 26, 2016

Events: Disney Store Finding Dory Merch Release (Phase 1- Kids' Swim Gear)

A few weeks back, the Disney Store's first phase of exclusive Finding Dory merchandise (consisting of kids' swim gear) was released online. Now that same merch has hit the store's shelves! As I went into work last night, I was thrilled to see that it has finally started to trickle out.

These aren't items that I plan on getting and saving for our future kids (so I won't be doing individual posts on them), but it's always exciting to see new Pixar products whatever the case may be! For those of you with young kids who might be interested in getting some of this for the upcoming summer, I definitely wanted to fill you in on what's out there.

Here is the full assortment of items seen above and below with links to buy online:

If anything, I might pick up that beach towel. I do like the design of it and it's something for really any age. What I'm really looking forward to though is the full collection of toys and collectibles that will be released in May. You'll be seeing that all right here soon enough! Please wallet, forgive me. 

Ultimately the Finding Nemo franchise is the perfect set of films for these types of beach/pool products. You know you'll be seeing lots more of it! If you have any young Nemo fans in your life, then I'm sure you'll be excited to go check these out (Note- visit my similar post HERE to view more Finding Dory swim gear and water toys now available at Target, Walmart and Toys R Us stores).

Additionally, relating to Finding Dory, the next trailer for the film will be released on Wednesday, March 2nd during the Ellend DeGeneres show! Be sure to tune into Pixar Post's live Google Hangout that night at 10:00 PM EST / 7:00 PM PST- I'll be joining in the discussion! 

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