Friday, February 5, 2016

Sanjay's Super Team: Art of Book

pixar art of sanjay

In 2015, we were treated to not one, not two, but three fantastic Pixar "Art of" books from Chronicle Publishing (four if you count Funny! Twenty-Five Years of Laughter from the Pixar Story Room)! Following The Art Inside Out and The Art of The Good Dinosaur, The Art of Sanjay's Super Team was released on December 1st of this past year.

What makes this release stand out is that this is the very first time there has been an entire "Art of" book dedicated entirely to one Pixar short film. How cool is that? I was greatly looking forward to this one.

The Art of Sanjay's Super Team is written by Sanjay Patel (writer and director of the film) with a foreword by John Lasseter and a preface by Chris Sasaki (character designer/concept artist). This beautiful hardcover book is about 9.1" x 8.2" in size and is 129 pages in length.

pixar art of sanjay

There is a rich history to Sanjay's Super Team. The film is an incredibly personal story, almost biopic in nature, of the director himself Sanjay Patel. The story behind the story is as intriguing as the short itself- and that' what this book dives into.

Compared to the other recent "Art of" releases, this book has a ton of text and behind the scenes content. Though we still get the full dose of images (concept art, vibrant digital paintings, pencil sketches, maquettes, color scripts, lighting/character studies, storyboards, photographs, etc.), I would consider this more of a full "Making of" book. I don't think this release will disappoint anyone!

Sanjay's Super Team is by far one of the most visually stunning shorts the studio has ever done- it's also, I'd say, the most different. Pixar has never gone quite this stylized, which makes looking through the art included here a completely new and unique experience (much like watching the film). You've never seen anything like this before! So just sit back, relax and curl up with this book- if you're a fan of the short, Pixar Studios, animation, storytelling or all of the above, you're in for hours of reading fun! Check out some of the vibrant pages below-

This is truly an inspiring book and a wonderful look into the film's creative process. You can really feel the passion and love for the project from everyone involved. It's an absolute must have for Pixar fans! If you're interested in picking this up for your collection, be sure to visit Amazon using the direct link below.

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