Sunday, February 28, 2016

Events: Pixar at the Oscars 2016

Image courtesy of Disney·Pixar

Well, they did it. At the 88th Academy Awards tonight, Director Pete Docter and Producer Jonas Rivera took the stage to accept the Best Animated Feature Oscar for Inside Out! A HUGE congratulations to them and the entire team at Pixar- I had no doubt they would win!

Check out some of the pics below- boy do they look happy! Very classy acceptance speeches as well. And you gotta love the Pixar Studio Store exclusive Bing Bong flower pin that Pete is wearing! Fantastic touch.

Note-  Inside Out was also nominated for Best Original Screenplay, but lost to the film Spotlight. How cool though that it was nominated? I was rooting for it! 

Image courtesy of Entertainment Weekly
Image courtesy of Disney·Pixar

I was happy to see that Pixar was well represented there at the award show. It was fun...they actually had Buzz and Woody (in honor of Toy Story's 20th anniversary) present the the Best Animated Feature award. That was the perfect way to do it!

You can watch the entire segment featuring Buzz and Woody, Inside Out's Oscar win as well as the acceptance speeches right HERE.

Sanjay's Super Team (Pixar's short film which debuted before The Good Dinosaur in theaters) was nominated for Best Animated Short film, but it unfortunately didn't take home the Oscar. Still, what an honor to be recognized with a nomination! It's a marvelous achievement regardless. Director Sanjay Patel and his super team there at Pixar won in my book!

This isn't so much Pixar, but Gary Rydstrom (renowned sound designer for Toy Story and many other Pixar feature films, as well as the director of two Pixar short films- Lifted and Toy Story Toons Hawaiaan Vacation) was nominated for the Best Sound Mixing Oscar for his work on Bridge of Spies.

It was also nice to see a tribute to the late Daniel Gerson during the "In Memoriam" montage. Gerson tragically passed away just a couple of weeks ago (on February 6) due to brain cancer. He was the co-writer of Monsters Inc. and Monsters University.

That about sums up Pixar at the Oscars 2016! What are your thoughts? Shoot them off in the comments below.

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