Sunday, February 14, 2016

Up: My Adventure Book

my adventure book

Happy Valentine's Day everyone!

Since love is in the air, I thought it would be most appropriate to do an Up themed post today; so here we have my new Up My Adventure Book album from! For years I've been searching for the perfect Adventure Book replica without any luck. There are (and have been) countless listings for homemade ones on Etsy, but none of those have ever done it for me (they're just too homemade looking). The Disney Store did release an "official" one (seen HERE) back in '09, but even that one was far from movie accurate.

Not too long ago I stumbled upon this one on Amazon and it really caught my attention. It was the right dimensions and very close to the design/colors in the film- so I decided to go for it! While it's not 100% correct (it is still a custom item after all), it was close enough for me.

This book contains 80 blank paperboard pages, is approximately 11.61 x 7.48 inches in size and sells for $35.99.

my adventure book
my adventure book up

The seller even throws in a random assortment of Up themed postcards (as well as a couple stickers) to start the book off right. So cool! Whether you're looking for a scrapbooking album, a photo album, a wedding guest signature book or just a cool display piece, if you're a fan of Up, then this is most definitely for you!

my adventure book  upmy adventure book up

If you're looking to grab this for your collection, be sure to visit the direct link below. And remember-Adventure is out there!

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