Monday, February 29, 2016

Memories: My Pixar Childhood (Part 1)

Just recently, I was going through some of my old drawers and memory boxes filled with pieces of my childhood (and there's a lot of it- I feel like I took care of and saved just about everything). I'm a very nostalgic person, so I love looking back at all the old stuff that I saved from time to time! It transports me back to simpler days.

Since I started this blog, I've often talked about how my love for all things Pixar dates back all the way to the mid 90s when I was just a little kid. I've mentioned my obsession with Toy Story, trying to recreate Andy's cardboard town buildings, attempting to draw the characters, getting the toys, I thought it would be fun to actually show you some of what I've described! When I was going through my stuff, I realized how much of it was Pixar related- so I figured, why not? Not only will this be good documentation on my end, but hopefully you'll also enjoy this entertaining peek into my childhood as well.

Time to go back in time to 1995-1999!

As seen above and below, here are four drawings I did featuring Buzz Lightyear, Woody, Bo Peep and Mr. Potato Head. I had been looking for these so I was thrilled to find them all! There they were, still in their sheet protectors (I always did that). These are from either late 1995 or early 1996 (ish).

These things crack me up. You can see why I never went into animation or art in general. I gotta say though, Woody's pull string detail is pretty top notch! ;) And yes, I spelled Buzz "Buss."

I loved making books when I was little. I wrote stories, made illustrations and stapled them together almost daily. Here's one that I forgot about- "A Disney's Toy Story Poster Book." Brilliant! 

This was made during a time (I couldn't have been older than five) when I would label all the items/characters on the page with their first letter. For example, see the "S" above the little people on the cover below? Those are the Soldiers.

Lets open the book up. What do you know, here's another Buzz! Possibly an improvement over the last one?

Here's Andy on his birthday. For some reason he's wearing a pink onesie? And I guess I thought that Andy started with an "E"...and that ceiling started with an "S". Oh least I got the presents (Pr), windows (W) and floor (FL) right!

Here's the last page- the grand finale! I see Mr. Potato Head (P), Hamm (H), Slinky (S), Etch (E) and "Radio" (R)...Yes, got them all right this time! And lots of suns? And rain (or snow)? I also spot a plethora of birds (the "M"s in the sky) and clouds. Man, this scene is spot on. I probably couldn't do much better today.

And here we have my last remaining Andy's room town building...the one with the Mr. Potato Head "WANTED" poster! I guess the rest of them (the Saloon, Bank and General Store) got thrown out somehow at some point. I remember sitting there by the TV with the VHS paused trying to replicate this (and all the buildings) perfectly.

It's not perfect that's for sure. Like, not even close to the one in the movie. But I was proud of it at the time! It's definitely classic to me.

 Here's where my mom started helping me. You can see a vast improvement with the cows.

Well that's it for now. If you're having fun with this, be sure to check back tomorrow for more! I'll be taking a look at my original Buzz Lightyear toy (who barely survived) and some Pixar related photos of little me. Stay tuned!

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