Monday, February 8, 2016

Pixar Collection: TOMY Movin' Movin' Wind-Up Toys (Part 1)

tomy movin movin

Last year, TOMY Toys (from their Japanese division, Takara TOMY) released this incredible set of 15 adorable plastic wind-up toys based on some of your favorite Disney·Pixar characters! Though these were (at one point) supposed to be available in the US as well, it seems they have stayed exclusive to Japan and other neighboring countries- at least for now. Regardless, that didn't stop me from snatching these guys up!

As soon as I saw the reveal for this collection early last year, I was hooked. I was drawn to the designs instantaneously and knew that these needed to be a part of my collection. I love simple, traditional toys (such as wind-ups) in general, but combine them with Pixar and I'm sold!

Over the next couple days, I'll be showing off each character individually in three parts. Today we have the first five in the series: Wall·E, Woody, Pizza Planet Alien, Remy and Mr. Incredible! Each character stands between 2.5" and 3" tall. Check 'em out-

Wall·E (#1)
pixar wind up
Woody (#2)
pixar wind up

 Pizza Planet Alien (#3)
pixar wind up

 Remy (#4)
pixar wind up

 Mr. Incredible (#5)
pixar wind up

And here's what the back of the packaging looks like. You'll notice that not all 15 characters are represented; that's because additional ones (from Inside Out) were added a little later.

pixar movin movin

I know that what you're really interested in is seeing them in action out of the package. Don't worry! On Wednesday (in part 3), I will include my unboxing video with all of them together- showing off each character's unique movement. How each one moves is what makes these so special. It's absolutely fantastic. Stay tuned!

If you're interested in purchasing any of these, eBay is your best bet. Be sure to check out this direct link to current listings. 

UPDATED with Video-

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