Saturday, May 28, 2016

Finding Dory: Hank Funko POP!

funko pop finding dory hank

Hey everyone! This has been quite the busy week for me, so I just wanted to give you a little life update. Sorry I couldn't get around to posting yesterday, but with everything going on with my birthday and my job, time just got away from me. This week I plan on getting to my full Finding Dory birthday party post as well as finishing up my Disney World write-ups. Stay tuned and thanks for visiting!

Today we have a great item that I got yesterday as a gift from my parents in-law...Hank from Finding Dory as a Funko "POP!" vinyl figure! I had been looking forward to getting this one for months and boy is he especially cool in person. His stylized design is spot on and I just love all the subtle details Funko threw in (such as the little coffee pot, which is actually translucent). So fun! I actually like the look of this final version much more than the original concept art (seen HERE).

funko pop finding dory hank package
funko pop finding dory hank back package

Hank here is number 191 in the Funko "POP!" Disney collection, with Dory being number 192. It should be noted that I didn't get the Dory, since the sculpt is actually just a straight repack of the original Dory Funko "POP!" from the 2014 Finding Nemo assortment that I already have (with just a slightly different paint job). I wish they would have made a new version of her for this lineup!

funko pop finding dory hank funko pop finding dory hank funko pop finding dory hank

This figure stand at a little over 2" tall and is about 4" wide. The retail price is typically between $9 and $14 (depending on where you buy).

If you're looking to add Hank to your collection, you can find him currently online (direct Amazon link below) or in stores such as Barnes & Noble, FYE or Hot Topic (among many others). Highly recommended for Pixar fans anticipating the release of the film!

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