Monday, May 16, 2016

The Good Dinosaur: TOMY Action Figures (Part Three- Large) PAGE UPDATE

tomy rare the good dinosaur figures jack lurleane downpour

Today's post is a page update to my original TOMY The Good Dinosaur figure [Large] post! Thanks to an eBay seller in Australia, I was finally able to obtain the last three (very hard to find) figures from this collection that I needed: Jack, Downpour and Lurleane! The reason these three are so hard to come by is because the line was actually cancelled (due to poor sales, from what I understand) which led to these last figures ultimately getting a very limited distribution. Visit my original post HERE for more info and more detailed pics.

I'm so excited that my TOMY The Good Dinosaur figure line is finally complete! Unless there are any more surprise releases, this is it. Check out the whole line (all 19) on my wall below!

tomy the good dinosaur action figure collection

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