Saturday, October 1, 2016

Finding Dory: Hank Wall-Crawler Toy

Finding Dory Hank Wall-Crawler Toy disney store

Just released exclusively at the Disney Store, here we have their brand new Finding Dory Hank Wall-Crawler toy! If you were a kid in the 80's or 90's, chances are you've played with "wall crawler" style toys before. I know I did, so this brought back memories for me.

The original version from the 1980's was called "Wacky Wall Walker" and was shaped just like an octopus; so this was a pretty genius idea, taking the original concept and just making it into the likeness of Hank.

Finding Dory Hank Wall-Crawler Toy disney store

Hank here is made from elastomer (basically a very gummy, soft, squishy rubber), is about 4.5" in size and is incredibly sticky. Just slap him up on any wall or window surface and he will tumble down while sticking to the wall in cool ways! It's neat to see his tentacles going every which way as he "crawls." It's almost lifelike.

I was just testing this out a few minutes ago and it works great. It's really fun to watch over and over again since no two crawls are ever the same! If possible, be careful not to play with this in hairy, furry or dusty areas as Hank will quickly loose his stick and stop working.

Finding Dory Hank Wall-Crawler Toy disney storeFinding Dory Hank Wall-Crawler Toy disney store

You can find this at your local Disney Store for just $6.95 (or online HERE). It makes for a simple little inexpensive treat that Finding Dory fans will mostly definitely have some fun with! Check out my brief demonstration video below-

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