Monday, October 31, 2016

Events: Pixar Themed Pumpkin Carving (2016)

disney pixar pumpkin carving template

Happy Halloween to all! We're finally back from our getaway and that means right back to blog posts. Thanks so much for your patience while we've been gone.

Per tradition, today's post is a festive one... yup, our Pixar themed pumpkins are back and this time for round four! My wife Brita and I started carving Pixar character pumpkins in 2013, the year I started this blog, and have done them every Halloween since. If you haven't yet, check out the ones we did in 2013, 2014 and 2015.

This afternoon we added Woody and Sulley to our portfolio of Pixar pumpkins, joining previous years' Pizza Planet alien, Mike Wazowski, Nemo, Dory, Anger and The Good Dinosaur logo! These were completely last minute choices (I would have loved to do something a bit more unique), but I'm thrilled with the way both of them turned out.

disney pixar pumpkin carving template
disney pixar pumpkin carving template
disney pixar pumpkin carving template

As I've said before, I am not a pumpkin carving artist in the slightest- in fact, I'm pretty terrible at it. At any rate though, I do feel like I've been improving every year. I'm pretty proud of the work I did with the Woody design today and Brita, once again, did an outstanding job with hers! She's always been an extremely talented pumpkin carver and that shows once again. The Sulley she carved is out of this world good!

Check out the completed pumpkins below.

disney pixar pumpkin carving
disney pixar pumpkin carving sulley

You can find both of these templates online for free right HERE. Let me know what you think in the comments below and be sure to share your Disney·Pixar themed pumpkins as well! I would love to see your creations.

See ya in November! 

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