Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Toy Story: iPhone 6/6s Case (Forever 21 Exclusive)

disney pixar toy story iphone 6 case

A couple weeks back, I was searching around online for any cool new Disney·Pixar iPhone cases (like I do periodically) and stumbled across this one on the Forever 21 website! This is a cute stylized Toy Story themed clear plastic clip case (for use with either the iPhone 6 or 6s) featuring Buzz, Woody and Pizza Planet Alien graphics.

Additionally, there is glitter on the inside of the case that gently floats around (in some kind of liquid) as you tip it from side to side. It's a really a cool case overall! And you can't beat the price, as I got it on sale for just $5.99 (originally only $7.90).

disney pixar toy story iphone 6 case

Honestly, if you're looking for a heavy duty protective case for your iPhone, this one definitely isn't for you. It's a very basic plastic material with little to no grip. The character faces on the outside are essentially stickers and will no doubt peel off sooner than later. However, it was so inexpensive and such a cute design that I just had to go for it! It will be a lot of fun while it lasts.

This sold out very quickly on, but it may still be available at your local in store location. There is another case still on the site as well, featuring the Pizza Planet Aliens, which you might be interested in if you like this one (check it out HERE).

Do you have a favorite Pixar iPhone case? I'd love to know! Shout out any thoughts you might have in the comments below.

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