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Finding Dory: Collectible Figure "Blind Bags" Series 3

finding dory blind bags series 3

Guys, the Bandai Finding Dory blind bags SERIES 3 collection is finally here! I can't tell you how many emails, comments and tweets I've gotten over the past two months asking when these will be released. The time is now! They first showed up in the UK a few weeks ago and are just now starting to hit across the US.

Note- To get all caught up on this fun line of figures, check out my series 1 and series 2 posts.

finding dory blind bags series 3

I've been going to my local stores a few times a week in search of these for a while now. Tonight I stopped by Toys R Us with a hope of finding them and, needless to say, I was thrilled to see a fresh case sitting right there on the shelf. Success!

finding dory blind bags series 3

Once again there are eight characters to collect. This time around we have Jenny, Charlie, Destiny, Sea Otter (version two), Squirt, Hermit Crab (version three), Hank (version three- coral) and the ever popular [and anticipated] Gerald. This is almost my exact prediction I made in my series 2 post!

finding dory blind bags series 3

Just like with the first two series, these are technically classified as "blind bags"- however each bag actually has a little window on the back so you can see who you're buying. I love that! I like that it gives you options; you can either live on the edge by seeing who you get once you open it (like a traditional blind bag) or you can cheat (like me) to make sure you get them all.

I personally like the best of both worlds. I like to make sure I have them all there at the store (plus I hate getting repeats), but then I open each of them without looking once I get home (so there's still a little element of surprise).

 Let's have a closer look at each figure!

finding dory blind bags series 3 jenny

finding dory blind bags series 3 charlie

finding dory blind bags series 3 squirt

finding dory blind bags series 3 destiny

Sea Otter (version two)
finding dory blind bags series 3 otter

Hank (version three- coral camouflage) 
finding dory blind bags series 3 hank

finding dory blind bags series 3 gerald

Hermit Crab (version three)
finding dory blind bags series 3 crab

I absolutely love these sculpts and the stylized design of each character. If I had any complaints, it would be that the otter does not stand on its own and that Destiny could have been made a bit bigger. Overall though, it's a really good set. They're made of a hard plastic, are about two inches in size and do not have any articulation. Retail price is $2.99 (which varies slightly depending on where you purchase them).

This whole "blind bag" collection is just fantastic. What makes it so incredibly cool is the vast array of characters we've gotten thus far over the three series; we're talking 24 unique characters/variations! Can we expect a series 4 in the near future or is this the end? Lets speculate....

finding dory blind bags series 3
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If series 4 was made, I would love to see Bailey, Tad, baby Dory, the squid, a seagull, the loud mouth clam, another version of Hank and another hermit crab. Can you think of any other possibilities? Shout it out in the comment section and be sure to check out my "unbagging" video below!

UPDATE 4/27/17- Series 4 has been released! See my full post HERE.
UPDATE 3/29/18- Series 5 has been finally added to my collection! See my full post HERE.

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