Thursday, October 20, 2016

Finding Dory: Speaking Whale Slap Bracelet

finding dory slap bracelet

Today's been a busy day! Though it's getting late here, I still needed to fit in my daily post- so tonight we're going very simple with this cute Finding Dory slap bracelet. This, along with six other designs, was released this past May and was available at Target stores (among others) throughout the summer.

This particular design features Dory speaking whale (with her hilarious signature facial expressions) as well the text "HHOOOOOW AAAAARRREEE YYYOOOOOOUU-UUUU??" I'm sure just about everyone reading this has tried out slap bracelets before, so you know exactly how it works. It's timeless fun!

I'm not sure if any in-store locations carry this at this point, but you can still pick it up on the Hollar site HERE or Amazon using the link below. A big thanks to my friends TJ and Julie (of for sending me this as part of a birthday gift a few months back! It was a really fun and thoughtful little bonus treat.

Note: To see the other styles available in this series, you can check out THIS YouTube video.

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