Saturday, October 22, 2016

Toy Story 3: Stretch (Funko Mystery Minis Villains Collection)

funko mystery minis disney villains stretch

Funko Mystery Minis are back with a brand new assortment of characters... this time featuring classic Disney·Pixar villains and their companions/henchman (technically some, like the dalmatian, are their victims). These have just been released and rightfully so, since, with Halloween around the corner, this is the perfect month to celebrate villains after all.

Of course I was just interested in the two Pixar characters included: Lotso and Stretch! Remember these are blind boxes, so you don't know who you're going to get until you open it. I took my chances at Walmart today and was absolutely thrilled to have found Stretch (the purple rubbery octopus henchman seen in Toy Story 3) right off the bat. It may take longer for me to track down Lotso, but I'm determined. Stay tuned. 

funko mystery minis disney villains stretch

There are three case variations out there which I wanted to go into detail about here. The one I have here came from the Walmart exclusive case (you can see all 16 characters who come in this case on the back of the box above). There is also a Hot Topic exclusive case, which replaces Jafar, Iago, Lotso and Stretch with Captain Hook, the Crocodile, Dragon Maleficent and Maleficent's Goon. In the common case (non retail exclusive) those characters are absent and are replaced by Hades, Pain, Shan Yu and Shan Yu's Eagle.

So total, between all cases, you can collect 24 unique Disney villains. Now lets take a look at Stretch in more detail...

funko mystery minis disney villains stretch
funko mystery minis disney villains stretch

Stretch here is a 1/36 character (that means there's only one in every three cases) and looks super awesome overall. Funko is the master of cute stylized figures. I love the semi-translucent plastic she's made from as well as the movie accurate glitter on the inside.

Test your luck by picking up a mystery mini villain at Walmart, Hot Topic (or elsewhere) and maybe you'll get the one you're looking for! Or if you'd rather do the eBay thing, visit this direct link to current listings.

Have fun on the hunt! Share your success in the comments below.

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