Sunday, January 29, 2017

A Bug's Life: Figural Mugs (By Applause)

a bug's life pvc applause mugs

Around the 1998/1999 time frame, sometime near the release of A Bug's Life in theaters, Applause Inc. (a now defunct toy company) produced this cute set of three figural mugs based on characters from the film: Flik, Heimlich and Princess Dot!

These are just a smidge over 3" tall (however I'm not sure how many ounces they hold), are made of a sturdy PVC plastic material and have articulated antennae. They are noted as "top rack dishwasher safe" but not microwave safe.

a bug's life pvc applause mugs

I spotted these recently while browsing eBay and thought they were just really fun looking display pieces. My A Bug's Life collection is pretty small, so I'm always on the look out for any of the unique/interesting "vintage" 90's products I missed out on back in the day. These made the cut!  Unfortunately at this point though, I have no way of knowing where these were originally sold.

a bug's life pvc applause mugs

As stated in a couple of posts ago, I love A Bug's Life—no matter if it's "lesser Pixar" (which I absolutely don't believe) or just plain forgotten by many. I'm thrilled to have any new merch from the film (well in this case it's old, but new to me) and think these will look great amongst my other figures and collectibles.

If this is set is of interest to you, be sure to crawl over to current eBay listings HERE!

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