Sunday, January 8, 2017

Up: Dug with Cone of Shame Funko "POP!" (SDCC 2016 Toy Tokyo Exclusive)

sdcc dug with cone of shame funko
"I do not like the cone of shame..."

Released last July exclusively at the 2016 San Diego Comic-Con (Toy Tokyo booth), here we have the limited edition Disney·Pixar Up inspired Dug with "cone of shame" Funko POP vinyl figure! This is following the wide release version of Dug which hit around June of last year. While the original Dug was #201, this variation gets its own number of 202 in the Disney Funko "POP!" collection.

I did not attend SDCC last year, but I was lucky enough to have received this as a gift for this past Christmas (thanks to my wife's grandmother). I had been looking to get this since the time of release, so I was thrilled to finally add this to my ever expanding collection of Pixar Funkos!

sdcc dug with cone of shame funko

Original retail price at the convention was $15. This figure seems to have used the same lower body sculpt as the original wide release, but this Dug's sad expression head/cone is an entirely new sculpt. He stands at a little over 3" high and, as usual, Funko did a fantastic job nailing the expression and overall details. So cute.

sdcc dug with cone of shame funko
sdcc dug with cone of shame funko

At this point, eBay is really the main route to go if you're looking to add this to your collection. I'd say $40-$60 is the average selling price there currently (direct link to current listings HERE).

For all you Funko collectors/Pixar Up fans out there, I highly recommend picking this up if you have the chance. It's one collectible not to be missed! 

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