Saturday, January 7, 2017

Cars: J. Low Lee (Super Chase)

pixar cars j. low lee super chase

Here's one of the final cars I needed from 2016 and the third and final Super Chase from this past year— J. Low Lee! This is a traditional Mattel 1:55 scale diecast character as seen in the original Cars, but because this one's classified as a "Super Chase", it makes it that much more difficult to find in stores (no more than 4,000 units have been distributed). If you've found one in stores, then lucky you!

As shown in the screen shot above, you can spot J. Low Lee at the Los Angeles International Speedway near the start of the final race sequence. He's a dedicated fan of the Piston Cup racing series and has pledged his loyalty specifically to Strip 'The King' Weathers. As stated on the back of the package, "J. Low has been to every race that #43 has ever entered, proudly wearing his lucky Piston Cup hat."

pixar cars j. low lee super chase
pixar cars j. low lee super chase

If you haven't had any luck with finding this Super Chase release in stores, be sure to check out this direct link to current eBay listings or Amazon using the link below. The prices are really reasonable with this one, at least compared to past Super Chase characters.

Best of luck on the hunt to all my fellow Cars collectors! 

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