Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Toy Story: Hamm "Gift Box" with Men's Boxers

toy story target hamm with boxers

Sold exclusively at Target stores this past holiday season, here we have a brand new incarnation of everyone's favorite piggy bank, Hamm from Toy Story! This is a super unique version of the character since it's technically not an exact replica for collectors, neither is it a toy; it's classified as a "gift box" and contains men's Toy Story inspired boxers inside. As in, yes, this can be found in the men's underwear section of Target. You read it right! Random huh?

Hamm himself is made of PVC plastic while the boxers are Jersey knit 100% cotton with an elastic waistband (featuring screen printed characters of Hamm, Rex, Woody and Bullseye— as well as the film's logo and iconic clouds). Just twist off Hamm's head to take them out (there's really no less weird way to say it). 

toy story target hamm with boxers
toy story target hamm with boxers

Unfortunately this version of Hamm does not include a movie accurate cork on his underbelly, but rather just a pink plastic plug.

toy story target hamm with boxers

Since the very beginning of Toy Story merchandise, Hamm is a character who has really gotten the short end of the stick (in regards to full scale replicas). Any releases of him have been very few and far between. Thinkway toys made the initial version of him in 1995/96? (seen in my post HERE), but it was on the small side. Then there was a 2010 Kellogg's mail away Hamm which was semi-decent (still too small), but it was an odd round about way of getting the character. The only movie accurate size Hamm was released at the Disney Store in 2010 (see my post HERE), but that was a decorative item made of resin and not plastic (though it's still my favorite Hamm out there). A second version of that same Disney Store design was briefly available in 2014, but it got downsized in scale for some reason. You may have also noticed a Chinese version on eBay, which is extremely similar to this one. That's really it! Still no definitive version after 21 years.

For those of you wondering, this Hamm is about 8"L x 4"H. I have placed him in the middle of the other two Hamms I own for a size comparison below. On the left is my original Thinkway toys Hamm and on the right is my 2010 Disney Store [resin] Hamm. This one is literally between the two!

toy story hamm size comparison

All in all, I'm glad I picked this one up. I had been debating getting him for weeks and finally decided to just go for it. Even though I don't want the boxers (and don't plan on wearing them), I figured it wouldn't hurt to have another version of Hamm in my collection. I also feel like it's one of those random "come and go" Pixar items that not a lot of people know about and I wanted to make sure it was properly documented.

And good news! It's still available. If you're interested, visit your local Target to check for availability or pick it up online (with free shipping) on their website HERE. Original retail was $11.99.

What are your thoughts on this and/or the other versions of Hamm out there? Definitely let me know in the comment section below! 

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