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Cars 2: Flag Finish Lightning McQueen

cars flag finish lightning mcqueen

Hello everyone and happy new year!! For those who follow me on here regularly, thank you so much for hanging tight. The last three weeks have been insanely busy and it only made sense for me to go on break here until the whirlwind of the holidays calmed down. This was by far the longest break I've had to take in the 3 1/2 years of writing on here and I've missed it tons! I'll be back to my daily posts now for the foreseeable future and look forward to sharing with you many more fantastic Pixar items. Thank you again for your continued support as I move into my fourth year of blogging!

Released this past summer from Mattel, here we have the Disney·Pixar Cars Flag Finish Lightning McQueen interactive toy! This has been a popular toy this holiday season for young Cars fans—and for good reason. It's actually a lot of fun! What makes this McQueen unique is that it's not just a standard remote controlled car; rather its motions are determined by waving the included Piston Cup flag when McQueen is set to one of his three modes: Drag & Drift, Race Laps and Victory Dance. Not to mention his 80+ sounds and phrases!

cars flag finish lightning mcqueen

Let's take a closer look at how each of his modes work as well as some of his many phrases. When McQueen is idle waiting for you to wave the flag, you'll hear some of the following:
  • Oh yah! Race Time!
  • Ok buddy. wave that flag to get racing! 
  • Grab your flag, we gotta race! 
  • Where are you?
  • Lookin' for the flag!  
  • You ready to race?
When set to Drag & Drift mode, McQueen will race forward continuously when the flag is waved and held downward. Raise the flag back up to make Lightning drift to a halt.

cars flag finish lightning mcqueen directions

You'll hear a variety of phrases and race car sound effects in this mode including:
  • Time for a drag race! Drop the flag!
  • Ready to roll!
  • Start your engines! 
  • Oh yah, Lightning's ready!
  • Go, go, go!
  • 3, 2, 1, GO! 
  • Ha, ha, ha! 
  • Ka-chow! 
  • Whoo! 
  • Try to catch me! 
  • Eat my dust! 
  • Straight line speed! 
  • Whoaaaa, gettin' crazy! 
  • Faster, faster! 
  • Way to go buddy! 
  • Alright, push it to the finish! 
  • Woooo-hooo! 
  • Whoa, whoa, easy into the corners! 
  • Yes! 
  • Right on!  
  • Faster than fast, quicker than quick! 
  • Awesome! 
  • That's what I'm talking about!
cars flag finish lightning mcqueen

Switching over to the Race Laps mode, McQueen will race in circles when you wave the flag left and right. Again, when you stop, he stops. Lightning says these phrases (in addition to some of them I noted above) in this mode:
  • The Piston cup! Shake that flag!
  • Nice Teamwork! 
  • And that's how it's done!
  • Here we go, final lap!
  • Wanna go again?
cars flag finish lightning mcqueen

In Victory Dance mode, Lightning does just that— he "dances"! Wave the flag up and down continuously to see his sweet moves. Stop waving the flag to make Lightning stop. Kids will no doubt love the cool beats! Here's what he says-
  • Victory dance! Shake that flag!
  • Whoa- checker me out!
  • Go, buddy- Go buddy! 
  • Check out your moves! 
  • Shake, shake, shake!  
  • Yah! 
  • Watch me now! 
  • *Various Music Tracks*
cars flag finish lightning mcqueen

McQueen's design is based off of his Cars 2 look. He's a really decent size, measuring 9.5" long and about 4" high (Race Flag transmitter measures about 11.5" tall). Six AA batteries are required for Lightning himself and two AAA batteries are required for the flag (batteries not included). Retail price is $44.99, though some retailers offer it for less.

All in all, this is a pretty awesome toy that works just as specified. It feels well made and has plenty of cool movie accurate details. I can easily recommend this for any fan of Cars ages 3+! You can pick this up at most major retailers such as Walmart, Toys R Us, Target, Amazon, or even Mattel's official online shop (among others). If you're looking to see this in action before you buy, check out YouTube for a selection of videos (unfortunately I haven't had any time to make one myself).  

Last but most definitely not least, A HUGE thanks to Mattel for sending this my way to review! Very much appreciated.

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