Monday, March 13, 2017

Cars: Heather Drifeng and "Michelle Motoretta" (2-Pack)

Cars Heather Drifeng and "Michelle Motoretta" (2-Pack)

Welcome back fellow Disney·Pixar Cars fans for another Mattel 1:55scale diecast review! Today I'm giving you a look at another 2-pack that was released clear back in the spring of last year, but again, didn't show up to my area until only a couple months ago. Here we have Heather Drifeng and "Michelle Motoretta" (why her name is in quotes is a good question); numbers 8/9 and 9/9 of the 2016 "95 Dinoco Daydream" sub-series! This set hit last April in [2-packs] case B.

As shown in the screenshot above, Heather and Michelle are briefly seen in both of versions McQueen's Dinoco daydream (the version with himself and the one with Chick Hicks). They a part of the "Autobahn Society" which, according to the World of Cars Wiki page, are "three cars who travel around the world with some of the most popular names in racing, placing bets on various aspects of their careers." The third car in the society, Sedanya Oskanian, was released last year as well (seen HERE).

Honestly though, you can't really tell which ones are this particular group of three Sedans- but they're there!

Cars Heather Drifeng and "Michelle Motoretta" (2-Pack)

Let's take a closer look at both of these characters out of the package—

Heather Drifeng
Cars Heather Drifeng

"Michelle Motoretta"
Cars michelle motoretta

From what I understand, these cars were scheduled to be released way back in 2010— so it's really awesome Mattel finally gave them to us! They're not the most exciting of designs, but any new never before released characters are always welcome.

Since a couple months ago, I feel like this 2-pack has been everywhere in my area. I see it almost every time I go to any Target. If you're looking to grab this set for your collection, be sure to check your local stores to see if they're still hanging around in your area as well. If you're you'd rather just pick this online, check out current eBay listings or Amazon using the direct embedded link.

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