Thursday, March 16, 2017

Cars: Sally with Cone & Lightning McQueen 2-Pack

Cars Sally with Cone & Lightning McQueen

Finally released once again, here we have a significant Mattel Cars 1:55 scale diecast re-issue...Sally with cone! This one has been a long time coming (eight years to be exact) as Sally with cone hasn't hit store shelves since the 2009 "Race O Rama" series (previously also released in the 2008 "World of Cars" series). I missed getting her originally and, with how rare and pricey she got over the years, I just never snagged her on the second hand market. With that said, this is a most welcome (and anticipated) addition to my collection.

This is the first time this Sally has been released in a 2-pack (previous releases were singles only). Though it would have been cool if a new version of Lightning McQueen was included here (since I had to settle for getting yet another basic original version of him in order to get Sally with cone), I can't complain too much—it was only a couple bucks extra.

Sally is #16/19 and McQueen is #17/19 of the 2017 "Radiator Springs" sub-series. Today I'll be specifically just taking a look at Sally since, again, McQueen is the same old same old.

Cars Sally with Cone & Lightning McQueen

As shown in the screen shot at the the top of this post, Sally was seen with a traffic cone on top of her after McQueen points out her "tattoo" in the film. She nervously bumps into a pile of cones and what happens happens!

"Hey...Do I spy a little pinstriping tattoo back there?"
"Ohhh, haha, you saw that??"

Cars Sally with Cone mattel

I like the nervous facial expression Mattel gave this diecast. It makes it much more scene accurate, which I appreciate and always look for! This version of Sally also has the scene specific tattoo on the back, which is very similar to the 2014 "Sally with Tattoo" diecast.

Cars Sally with Cone tattoo mattel

On the front of the package, you may have noticed Lightning McQueen's name is actually a sticker overlay. This was Mattel's quick response to a widespread factory spelling error— underneath the sticker it says "Lighting McQueen." Seems like Mattel caught the error just in time to make a last minute "fix"!

I found this 2-pack last month at Target and have seen it plenty of times since. If you're looking to add this to your Cars collection, be sure to visit your local store for availability. If you'd rather pick it up online, check out current eBay listings HERE or Amazon using the direct link below.

Happy hunting!

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