Monday, March 20, 2017

Monsters University: Disney Store Mike Wazowski & Sulley Plush

disney store monsters university mike sulley plush

Hello everyone! I wasn't suppose to be off from the blog this weekend, but a pretty big thing came up in my family. It's good news no doubt, so I'll be excited to share it with you soon! For you dedicated readers, thanks for hangin' in there.

Back in November of this past year, I started my reviews of the 2013 Disney Store Monsters University plush collection beginning with the "medium core" size characters. The Oozma Kappa gang was my first write-up (check out that post HERE) and I then took a look at the Mrs. Squibbles plush a few weeks later (seen HERE). Today I'm wrapping things up with the final two characters that were released in this medium core line...and what better way to end these posts than with everyone's two favorite scarers— Mike Wazowski and Sulley!

I really love both these plush. Mike Looks fantastic (his MU cap with the "worn" bill is great, not to mention his shiny retainer detail) and this is the best Sulley plush I've seen Disney produce (for a look at all the "derp" Sulley plush out there, check out the bottom of my post HERE). I'm very picky when it comes to Sulley plush and, though this one isn't perfect, I feel his face is definitely close enough to the character and is pretty cute overall. I wonder why Sulley is so hard for them to get right in plush form?

disney store monsters university mike sulley plush

Sulley's size is 14.5" H x 10" W and Mike measures 13" H (when standing) x 7" W. Both originally retailed for the normal medium core price point of $19.99. Note— see them back in the day when they were on store shelves in my throwback post HERE!

Let's move in for a closer look...

disney store monsters university mike sulley plush
disney store monsters university mike sulley plush

The Disney Store's standard "Genuine Original Authentic" patch can be found on the bottom of both these characters.

disney store monsters university mike sulley plush

Once again, these are quality plush toys with solid stitching, vibrant colors, detailed embroidered features and are made from soft materials (especially Sulley). If you're a Disney/Pixar plush collector or if your little one just loves these characters, these are the ones to track down if you haven't already. You really can't go wrong here!

Sulley has since been re-released at the Disney Store and is currently available online HERE or in stores. This particular Mike has since been long gone, but can be found on eBay using this direct link. Both can also be found on Amazon using the links below.

Finally, be sure to check out all the other sizes of MU plush I've posted about:
  Have fun and happy scaring!

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