Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Events: Disney Store Cars 3 Merch Release (Phase 1- Kids' Swim Gear)

disney store cars 3 toys merchandise

Ka-Chow! Mid last month, the Disney Store quietly released their first small selection of Cars 3 merchandise. Just like last year around this time for Finding Dory, the first bit of merch to hit stores is actually kids' swim/summer gear! Young Cars fans will be excited to head to the beach or pool being some of the first to sport new characters like Jackson Storm and Cruz Ramirez (among all time favorite race car Lightning McQueen of course).

With many more toys and and additional products coming next month to the Disney Store (or early May at the latest), I'm calling this "phase 1." In this phase we have a rash guard shirt, swim trunks, a beach towel, sun glasses and flip flops. Check it all out on store shelves below!

disney store cars 3 toys merchandise
disney store cars 3 toys merchandise
disney store cars 3 merchandise swim

Here are the links to each item if you're interested in snagging any of these online:
These aren't items that I personally plan on buying (so I won't be doing individual in depth reviews), but I didn't want you to miss out on a few things you or your kids might be interested in! Also, once again (as I talked about in yesterday's post), it's just fun for me to document new set ups at the Disney Store as well.

Look forward to more on the main line of Cars 3 Disney Store toys and collectibles right here in the next month or so! In the meantime I'll be hotly-anticipating it just like you. Can't wait!

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