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"Disney·Pixar FUN!" McDonald's Happy Meal Toys (2004)

"Disney·Pixar FUN!" Happy Meal Toys (2004)

Earlier this year, I received a very thoughtful bit of fan mail from one of my dedicated followers— Haylee S. from Ohio! Thanks to her, I now have a few fun McDonald's Happy Meal toys from the 2004 "Disney·Pixar FUN!" collection. I was sent RC with Buzz Lightyear, Nemo, Sulley with Boo, Mike Wazowski and Flik (all of which have some sort of electronic gimmick). Pretty cool stuff! I never purchased any of these back in the day, so I'm excited to have them.

This series is interesting because the characters included seem to vary depending on which country you bought the Happy Meal in. For example, one package design I have includes Nemo in the lineup and then the other design (which is quite different looking, seen below) replaces Nemo with Jessie. Another graphic I've seen online includes Nemo, Jessie and all the rest, PLUS adds Bruce the shark from Finding Nemo (for a total of eight, seen HERE). If anyone has a better understanding of why this is, be sure to let me know!

"Disney·Pixar FUN!" Happy Meal Toys (2004)"Disney·Pixar FUN!" Happy Meal Toys (2004)

Let's take a closer look at this classic set of fast food toys out of their bags...

RC with Buzz Lightyear (w/light-up rocket flame)
"Disney·Pixar FUN!" Happy Meal Toys 2004 Buzz

Nemo (w/light-up lucky fin)
"Disney·Pixar FUN!" Happy Meal Toys 2004 nemo

Sulley (Boo's monster hood lights up)
"Disney·Pixar FUN!" Happy Meal Toys 2004 sulley

Mike Wazowski (car makes sounds)
"Disney·Pixar FUN!" Happy Meal Toys 2004 mike

Flik (w/light-up dandelion)
"Disney·Pixar FUN!" Happy Meal Toys 2004 flik

These characters are right around 4" in size, are made of hard plastic and have no articulation. On the bottom of each toy you'll see two black sensors; just press down on those to activate the electronic features! Unfortunately the ones I have here have dead batteries, but be sure to check out THIS YouTube video to see them in action (by Fast Food Toy Reviews). And if you're interested in trying to find any of these on eBay for your collection, visit THIS direct link to current listings.

Even though they're cheap and basic, there's something really fun and nostalgic about old fast food toys to me. They don't make them like they use to! Overall this is a nice little set that I'll have fun displaying. Thank you Haylee once again for sending these over!

Did you have these back in the day? Be sure to share your memories in the comments below.

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